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Introducing an advanced and affordable plagiarism checking tool, Crossplag™.

Academic Integrity: Beyond Rules, Embrace Honesty and Originality

Upholding academic integrity goes beyond following regulations. It involves producing work that is genuine and authentic.

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AI Content Detector: Rapid Authenticity Verification

Their AI Content Detector provides lightning-fast verification of content authenticity, combating the emerging threats to originality.

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Crossplag: A Comprehensive Solution for All

Embrace their holistic approach to upholding academic integrity, tailored to various users.

For Individuals: Protecting Originality

Their plagiarism detection tool aids students, teachers, writers, and bloggers in maintaining the originality of their work by comparing it to over 100 billion texts globally.

For Educational Institutions: Customisable and Secure

Their self-provisioning plagiarism detection tool is affordable, adaptable, and robust, allowing institutions full ownership and control over their data.

For Businesses: Seamless Integration and White-Labelling

Their Similarity Report API empowers your business to verify originality and effortlessly integrate with your existing workflows. They provide white-labelling solutions for educational and publishing businesses.

Crosspla for Universities: Democratise Plagiarism Checking

Crossplag™ stands as the most comprehensive plagiarism checking tool, dedicated to democratising access to plagiarism detection while granting users full ownership and control over their data.

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