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Ensuring academic integrity is a top priority for academic institutions. With Passed.AI, you can easily verify if written work is student or AI generated. Passed.AI combines cutting-edge Ai Detection with a document history audit, providing an enforceable level of detection for academic institutions.

AI Trained to Recognise AI Generated Text

Passed.AI uses leading AI models trained on all popular NLP models to predict if written text was AI or student created. This helps you to receive a probability that the work was student or AI created, giving you unparalleled accuracy and confidence. Our AI model is over 94% accurate on ChatGPT created text and trained on GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-2, GPT-J, and GPT-NEO models.

Quick and Accurate Scoring

With Passed.AI, you can get quick and accurate scoring for your submitted work. You can use Passed.AI without leaving your Google Docs, making the process even more seamless and convenient.

“Replay” How Your Students Wrote Their Papers

AI detection alone is not enough to ensure academic integrity. That's why Passed.AI combines AI detection with a document history audit to provide unparalleled confidence. You can use Passed.AI to replay how your students wrote their papers at 10x speed, see the number of contributors, and the size of their contributions to the text. You can even see if the words per minute were natural or not.

No Software Installation Required

With Passed.AI, there is no need for your students to install any software. All you need is edit access to the Google document the student submitted, and Passed.AI can provide you with a detailed audit.


Passed.AI is the ultimate solution for academic institutions that need to verify if written work is student or AI generated. Try Passed.AI today to enjoy unmatched accuracy, convenience, and peace of mind.

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