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Eleven Labs offers a cutting-edge platform that uses advanced AI technology to generate long-form speech content in natural and compelling voices. This multipurpose speech tool is designed to help creators and publishers expand into the audio format and grow their audience with high-quality spoken content.


Whether you are a content creator, a short story writer, or a video game developer, Eleven Labs' platform offers endless opportunities for designing compelling audio content. With our deep learning model, you can generate spoken audio in any voice and style with unprecedented fidelity. Our tool renders human intonation and inflections, delivering exceptional quality that adjusts based on context.

News Articles and Newsletters

Engage and retain your subscribers with automated audio content. With our AI-powered speech tool, you can let your news articles and newsletters be heard as soon as they can be read. Turn your newsletter into a podcast without recording a single word. Let your readers access your content whenever listening works better than reading.


Bring your stories to life with vibrant narration that gives each character a unique voice. Our tool is built to meet the demands of long-form content and is perfect for generating AI-generated voice narration for audiobooks. Every book deserves to be heard, and our platform makes it possible to narrate with uncanny quality and precision.

Speech Synthesis

Our next-level text-to-speech (TTS) model lets you convert any writing into professional audio quickly and easily. Our proprietary deep learning model powers the tool, allowing you to voice anything from a single sentence to a whole book in impeccable quality, at a fraction of the time and cost traditionally involved in recording.

Voice Lab

Create unique synthetic voices or clone voices from samples with Eleven Labs' Voice Lab. Our cloning model can learn any speech profile based on just a minute of audio, without training. With our generative model, you can create entirely new voices that have never spoken before. It's your creative AI toolkit that lets you design and experiment with voices that fit your vision.

Publisher Projects Coming in 2023

Projects is a new workstation designed to help you direct and edit narration with full control over the creative process. Coming late Q1 2023, Projects will be your go-to tool for adjusting pacing, inserting pauses, and assigning particular speakers to specific fragments.

Ethical AI

At Eleven Labs, we believe in developing new technologies while also implementing appropriate safeguards to minimize the risk of harmful abuse. We're committed to respecting intellectual property rights and preventing misuse. With our platform, you can create compelling audio content while also ensuring ethical use of AI.


Eleven Labs' platform offers a revolutionary solution for generating high-quality speech content using AI technology. From audiobooks and newsletters to news articles and long-form content, our tool provides exceptional quality and flexibility to expand into the audio format. Our Voice Lab and Publisher Projects coming in 2023 make it even easier to create engaging content with full creative control. Try our platform today and see how you can grow your audience with exceptional audio content.

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