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At Bing, we believe in providing more than just answers. Our new search engine offers reliable and up-to-date results, with complete answers to your questions. Our commitment to accuracy means that we always cite our sources, giving you the confidence to trust the information you receive.

Chat Feature: Ask Any Question and Be Amazed

With Bing, you can ask questions in any way you like. Our intelligent search system allows you to do a complex search, follow up, and make refinements in chat. We understand what you're asking, and we're always ready to help. Prepare to be amazed by the speed and accuracy of our chat feature.

Search Feature: Get Relevant Answers, Not Overwhelming Results

We know that sometimes you just want a quick answer without sifting through countless search results. Bing looks at search results across the web and summarises responses to your specific questions and needs. Our search feature makes it easy to get the answers you need without feeling overwhelmed by options.

Lightbulb Feature: Get Inspired and Let Bing Do the Writing

Our new Bing features aren't just limited to search results. If you're looking for inspiration or help with drafting an email or meal plan, Bing can help. Simply provide your ideas and prompts, and Bing will write a draft for you to build upon. Our goal is to make your life easier and more productive with our intelligent search and writing features.

Experience the Power of Bing Today

With its innovative features and commitment to accuracy, Bing is more than just a search engine. Discover the power of Bing for yourself and experience a new way of searching, chatting, and creating.

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