Wonder Dynamics

wonder dynamics

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Revolutionise your VFX pipeline with Wonder Dynamics, the cutting-edge AI tool that automatically animates, lights, and composes CG characters into live-action scenes. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual animation and the headache of complicated VFX shots, and say hello to effortless, stunning results.

Automated Animation, Lighting, and Composition

Wonder Dynamics takes your single-camera footage and detects the actor's performance, transferring it to the CG character with automated animation, lighting, and composition. The result is a seamless integration of live-action and CG elements that looks and feels completely natural.

Multiple Characters, Endless Possibilities

With Wonder Dynamics, you can use multiple characters in your scenes, opening up endless possibilities for storytelling and creativity. And with a thriving artist community that provides free characters, you'll always have the resources you need to bring your vision to life.

Join the Wonder Dynamics Revolution

Wonder Dynamics is the future of VFX, and it's available to you today. Whether you're a filmmaker, animator, or VFX artist, Wonder Dynamics will help you create stunning, memorable visuals with ease. Join the revolution and start creating your own Wonder Dynamics scenes today.

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