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gpt for sheets

Pricing: Free

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If you're a fan of Google Sheets and are looking for ways to make your tasks more efficient, GPT for Sheets Add-on is here to provide you with an all-in-one solution. The add-on allows easy access to the powerful capabilities of OpenAI GPT-3, right within your Google Sheets.

Custom Functions for Various Tasks

The GPT for Sheets Add-on offers two simple custom functions: =GPT and =GPT_LIST. These functions come in handy for generating blog post ideas, writing paragraphs or procedures, cleaning up lists, classifying reviews, summarizing, writing responses to comments, and experimenting with hyperparameters.

The Best Part? It's Free!

That's right! You can use the GPT for Sheets Add-on for free, and the only cost you'll incur is OpenAI's API cost. With this add-on, you'll have access to powerful AI capabilities that can help you simplify your work, save time, and improve the quality of your output.

Experience the Power of AI in Google Sheets

GPT for Sheets Add-on is your one-stop solution for all your Google Sheets needs. With easy access to OpenAI's GPT-3, you can leverage the power of AI to generate ideas, write content, and improve your workflow. Try it today and experience the benefits of AI-powered data processing in your Google Sheets.

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